Roll in your role

Why do we rush to live so much more in this little time,why do we dive so many seas from unbearable heights,why do we put up so many battles that we cannot fight,why do we bring chaos,in places we reside,why,why do we?? @Amina Guyo Abdi✍️

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They say am fine but I ain’t really sure if am their type of fine.I know am fine,am too fine,am finer than wine,am so fine am beginning to doubt my level of fineness. However,their type of fine, is what worries me to define!! @Amina Guyo Abdi ✍️

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Burnt out

Am out of words, short of sight. Out of thoughts and out of tides. Am out of struggles,out of tricks,out of what many more I could fish. @Amina Guyo Abdi ✍️

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Dreadful Times

Times are gone ,when our daughters had to face the knife, Times are gone ,when our girls would have sleepless nights. Times are gone ,when our girls feared not to fit in. These dreadful Times are gone, never to be remembered again. Times ,when our mothers had their fingers crossed for their daughters fate. Times […]

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Community vice

Let not community vice blind your eyes ,you got a chance to claim your rights. Let not their choices run you dry for you got tommorow to give your tides. Let them not cut you for you to be up to!! FGM is not the only way to womanhood ,grow some breasts here, broaden some […]

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The words of my poem

In the words of my poem, you will find closure In the words of my poem,you will find contentment…. In the world of a poet, you will drink, you will quench the thirst of your soul You will fill the hollow in your sorrows and dream the dreams of the Meadows…in a poems word,in a […]

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Left Right,East West I got no where to turn 😣 now am a mess! My friends are now frenemies,closer budies have turned to enemies, don’t know who to trust …my own conscious has betrayed me. I feel sad, broke and no where to turn now what!😥 Left Right, East West I gotta search for something […]

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